Saturday, July 23, 2005


More on low melting point solder

According to the table at Indium Corporation of America ยป Wire Products the only indium-free wire solder that is normally available with a lower melting point than the eutectic Sn/Pb/Ag alloy is Indalloy 281, 58/42 Bi/Sn, melting at 138 C / 281 F. The shear strength is poor, 500 psi, compared to 6200 for 63/37 Sn/Pb, and the conductivity about half.

Incidentally, the name in the table for the eutectic Sn/Pb/Ag alloy is Indalloy 62/36/2...! That probably negates part of my previous post; I would imagine this implies that the Radio Shack solder is most probably 1.4% Ag and not 2.0% Ag.

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